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Need Help Managing Digital Collections?

For archives, collections, and cultural heritage projects, success in selection and implementation of digital asset management technology is critical. You've just found expert help experienced in every aspect of these processes, ready to help you make the right choices, realize your goals, keep the CFO happy, and support staff buy in.

Who I serve, what I provide

Let's Do What's Right For Your Project Together.

A best fit of technology and workflows takes into account true requirements - technical, business, and audience - and balances priorities with funding, sustainability, and other factors. I help you focus on impacts first, how to achieve them, then solutionize, plan, and execute.

Who I serve, what I provide

Big Project? Small Project? Got you covered.

Whether it's an end-to-end project of scale, a quick consult, or anything inbetween, I offer quick access to deep domain experience and technical background in whatever increment suits your need, on site or remote as needed.

Who I serve, what I provide
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Academic Institutions
Cultural Heritage Projects

Great outcomes are driven by expert analysis, planning, and smart decisions. I document where you are, where you want to be, and help make right choices in technology, information structure, and workflows.

Solution Architecture

Digital collections management requires a solution linking platforms, software, services, and configurations in a holistic way. I help assemble a sensible and appropriate solution design, with options for future growth.

Project Management

When it's time to execute, smart resource management, scheduling, and focus is needed. I continuously move your project forward and help avoid being held up by technical issues, scope creep, and other events that can introduce delays or cost.

Technology Transition

Changing technology always has an impact to staff, productivity, and end users. I engage with all stakeholders from day one with a responsive ear, and help plan cutovers, training, and supporting resources.

Data Modeling and Migration

Delivering your digital works to the world doesn't happen without open standards and the right information model. I provide expert metadata application profiling, and migrate data from legacy platforms, ensuring its discovery and usability.

Who I Am

My digital dream is making yours reality

Through Infoset I provide technology consulting, project management, implementation, and migration services to Cultural Heritage and Academic Institutions, Libraries, and Museums, focusing on Digital Collections and Institutional Repository projects. I also work with digital asset management software providers in the following capacities: business development, product development, and client relationship management. —Stephen Perkins, Technology Consultant

Susan Holbrook Perdue

“Stephen understands the world of academic publishing and editing so well that he is equal parts problem solver and collaborator with us and not just a vendor for hire.”

// director, documents compass
Kevin Mulroy

“In the more than five years I've worked with him, Stephen has proved a highly skilled trouble shooter with deep domain experience. He's an attentive, creative and enthusiastic collaborator focused on providing the best customer experience."

// Potomac global media LLC
Sharon Kilzer

“Stephen Perkins sets high standards for himself and his firm, providing the finest performance and customer service I’ve ever experienced.”

// Project manager, Theodore roosevelt center
Alan Thompson

“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephen on development of a 'bleeding' edge, digital advertising market research solution while I was at Ipsos. . . .  highly responsive and always available to collaborate. . . . There wasn't a problem that he couldn't solve!”

// VP, Global Digital Product Development, Ipsos ASI
Joan Houston Hall

“. . .  easy to work with, unfailingly helpful, and exceedingly generous. I look forward to our next collaboration.”

// Chief Editor, Dictionary of American REgional English
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5954 Anise Dr, Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone Number: 941-224-7532