Getting it done sometimes means leaving frippery aside.

(Warning: Sleep deprivation is a thing as I write. Also: I swear I'll show up in business casual.)

I've had the luxury of being ceaselessly overbooked for quite some time. When a lull in the action occurred I had time to reflect on how the nature of what I am and what I do had evolved over the past five years, and just how greatly I had neglected to define that in my own digital presence. With short time to do an agency's worth of work this meant bringing GIMP, Inkscape, and Webflow skills back online, a DNSMadeEasy password, uptake of just how fluid digital marketing is, and a compressed version of the kind of planning and priority setting I do for clients.

I believe in constant motion and adapting to what presents. In less than a year after I started Infoset it pivoted away from a consortial endeavor and quickly to a solo consultancy. That's what presented. Long after the fact I'm finally pushing out this new site which I hope successfully communicates its, er my, identity.

Is it perfect? No. And that's one of today's points. Getting something of essential value achieved early in a project counts. Is the core value there? I think so. Is it about 80% of what I would have liked as a first deliverable? Mmmhmm. Maybe even more since along the way I realized how unnecessary some of my tasks listed early on were. I fixed a hard stop on go live and sticking with it nicely prevented any rocket ships from being constructed along the way. Perfection of collateral and copywriting? That's iterative. Migrating really outdated blog content? Waste of time, get on the content wagon post launch Bucko! Projects succeed when they get something on the board early and often in my experience. On of the best lines my colleague Paul Hayslett ever introduced me to was:

"The ticking of the clock focuses minds."

Get lean and focused. Get stuff done.